Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Months, Really???? It's been that Long?

Wow apparently I am not so good at this Blog thing? Not really sure the point of a blog other than for me to just brag on my family, business & life a little bit. Kinda more like a journal anyway because I don't really think anyone reads this. I guess I use Facebook for that in very small increments. 

So the last time I posted was in December and it is now almost the end of October...  A lot has happened, a lot has changed.  All change is for good though. Thank you Jesus. Let's see well once again we have been working on our house. We painted the exterior a pretty greenish/grey color, of course my working and upgrading the yard never ends, I took a business trip back East for the first time to Missouri for 4 days had tons of fun. 
Was able to meet our CMO and had a blast at the "Green Party"

Shorlty after, my husband and I made the decision to add to our family. We decided that we would try for a boy and after the first 2 girls came so easily, I was completely dumbfounded when we didn't get pregnant right away.  Which was for the best actually because mid May I flew into NJ, ALONE with the girls might I add,  for my baby sister's wedding. It was a fun trip we got to see NYC and of course it was exciting that my little sister's wedding was being filmed and televised on the Discovery show American chopper. Nerve wrecking to say the least, freaking out about having to be on TV, flying with a 20 month old & 9 yr old, layovers, bad weather & canceled/delayed  flights.  Never the less the wedding was beautiful & all was a success. 

My only regret was that my husband had to work and missed out. =( I hate that he works so much and misses out on a lot. But I am ever great full that my husband works so hard and provides for us. It is such a blessing to be able to stay home with the girls and now I don't miss out on ANYTHING. I can go to the school functions, take & pick up Bailee everyday without any worries as to daycare.  

So fast Forward a few months and we find out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! We didn't care girl or boy. We would love a boy but secretly I was hoping for a girl for my own selfish reasons lol. A boy is ALL new territory not to mention we have EVERYTHING for a girl. A boy we have to buy all new baby stuff =/ 

So I think this is enough for now. As this post has taken me hours lol. But we found out we are having a little boy on or around February 15th. So excited =)