Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Bennett Asher is here!!!

So baby Benny boy is finally here. After what seemed liked FOREVER!!! Labor started February 4th, 2013 after I decided to give the ol' trusty castor oil a try. Guess what? It worked! After cleaning me out contractions started up within the hour and they were consistent at 2-3 min apart. So after waiting for my sister to come over and stay with the girls, Barrett and I headed to the hospital. When I arrived I was dilated to 3, which was an upgrade from 2cm at my last doc appt. So I walked the halls for an hour and was checked again. I was at 4cm so they admitted me. The contractions were totally tolerable and I credit the "gentle birth herbal solution" and suggest anyone expecting start taking it at 35 weeks. So I continued to walk the halls all night and when checked again about 2am I was dilated to a 6. But that's when labor kinda stalled out. So I walked another couple hours and still no change. So the doc broke my water at about 6:45am. But still no change. I walked and walked and then the word pitocin got brought up. Mind you I went in with the mind to go all natural. As well as Kinslee did not react well to pitocin and I almost had a c section with her after prolonged periods of her heart rate dipping with every contraction. So I opted to steer clear from it. I asked to use a breast pump instead (as nipple stimulation cause contractions). At first they were reluctant but finally agreed to let me try. After having the breast pump only about 60-90 seconds hardcore labor kicked in and I was crawling the walls. I then decided that there was no way I was "going natural". As I had what seemed to be 15-30 seconds in between contractions. But that's when things got scary.
So after I got the epidural I started to dream in Spanish. That's right in Spanish. I was walking in a garden looking at plants and pots and it was narrated in Spanish. Then the nurse snapped me out of it and asked if I were passing out? I didn't realize it but yes I had. My blood pressure had dropped to 60/30. It had been sitting steady at 115/70 my whole pregnancy and delivery. Then Bennett's heart rate started dipping into the 80's and 90's. So I then got meds to bring my blood pressure back up and spent the next 3 hours sleeping on my hands and knees. I wake up and the doc says let's start pushing. So after about 5-6 pushes, Barrett delivered our baby boy and put him up on my chest.
What a great experience for Barrett to deliver him and for me to have Bailee there. Also what a great experience for Bailee to watch. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Months, Really???? It's been that Long?

Wow apparently I am not so good at this Blog thing? Not really sure the point of a blog other than for me to just brag on my family, business & life a little bit. Kinda more like a journal anyway because I don't really think anyone reads this. I guess I use Facebook for that in very small increments. 

So the last time I posted was in December and it is now almost the end of October...  A lot has happened, a lot has changed.  All change is for good though. Thank you Jesus. Let's see well once again we have been working on our house. We painted the exterior a pretty greenish/grey color, of course my working and upgrading the yard never ends, I took a business trip back East for the first time to Missouri for 4 days had tons of fun. 
Was able to meet our CMO and had a blast at the "Green Party"

Shorlty after, my husband and I made the decision to add to our family. We decided that we would try for a boy and after the first 2 girls came so easily, I was completely dumbfounded when we didn't get pregnant right away.  Which was for the best actually because mid May I flew into NJ, ALONE with the girls might I add,  for my baby sister's wedding. It was a fun trip we got to see NYC and of course it was exciting that my little sister's wedding was being filmed and televised on the Discovery show American chopper. Nerve wrecking to say the least, freaking out about having to be on TV, flying with a 20 month old & 9 yr old, layovers, bad weather & canceled/delayed  flights.  Never the less the wedding was beautiful & all was a success. 

My only regret was that my husband had to work and missed out. =( I hate that he works so much and misses out on a lot. But I am ever great full that my husband works so hard and provides for us. It is such a blessing to be able to stay home with the girls and now I don't miss out on ANYTHING. I can go to the school functions, take & pick up Bailee everyday without any worries as to daycare.  

So fast Forward a few months and we find out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! We didn't care girl or boy. We would love a boy but secretly I was hoping for a girl for my own selfish reasons lol. A boy is ALL new territory not to mention we have EVERYTHING for a girl. A boy we have to buy all new baby stuff =/ 

So I think this is enough for now. As this post has taken me hours lol. But we found out we are having a little boy on or around February 15th. So excited =)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 coming to a close

Coming up on the end of any year is a time for reflection and contemplation. To reflect on the blessings the last year has brought us and to contemplate how to make next year better. I believe it is just human nature that we push ourselves to be better every year. I once heard a quote that said " Apathy is Suicide." Very powerful. God designed us to always move forward and to always better our selves.

I have been contemplating my new year's resolution. I want to lose 10 lbs (who doesn't lol), strengthen my walk with the Lord, Learn to connect with my children more (to be Very honest).

What's your New Year's resolution? My company (& I) are Collecting over a million resolutions to beat the Guiness World record. Please help me out by posting your resolutions here or on my Facebook page or e-mail me. Thanks so much for your help.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A lot has come & gone

Well It's been coming up on 6 months since I last posted. A ton has come & gone in this time. We moved into our amazing new home

Kinslee & Barrett's Birthday's came and went as we celebrated with our closest friends & amazing family.
 We have done quite a bit up work and upgrades on our new home. Painting, new lawns and flower beds, fencing. It's never ending really but we sure do love being homeowners. 
Thanksgiving was amazing as we got to spend it with my baby sister who lives on the opposite coast. It has been 2 years since we had seen her. It was such a great time.
 I made my first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home. It was great memories filled with fake mustaches, egg nog & rum, leftover turkey sandwiches, family, and movies

Well today is my 28th Birthday. Our family is celebrating by heading to Disneyland in less than 45 hours. I am so excited to spend the 4 days with my little family. Besides going to Oregon to visit family this will be our very first family vacation. I am so excited to see the park all decked out for xmas.
 Christmas is my all time favorite time of the year.   Forget about the presents, I could definitely leave all the presents out of it. We got our tree this year with only a minor mishap but it is beautiful.

Well I am off to clean rabbit hutches and off to Birthday supper. 

May God Bless all of you this Christmas season. I hope each and every one of you are able to see the real reason for this season.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Got The House!!!!

We hopefully will be moving by the end of July. So excited and thankful, Jesus sure does love the Anzar family. We will be having Kinslee's 1st birthday party and house warming prob end of Aug. I believe Aug 27th Kinslee's actual Bday. So stay tuned. =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Very Honest.... And Extremely Grateful

Boy have I been a spoiled brat lately. Not that I would have listened to anyone if they would have told me so. I have been so over stressed with trying to find the perfect house, on top of balancing well.... life. It seems that some people can handle anything & everything that is thrown at them and do it with ease. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people.... Yet! I will get there.

Life doesn't come easy for me, yet I'm realizing that nothing worth having comes easy. Which means most everything I have has the highest value. I normally have a glass half empty type of outlook most days, But seriously how spoiled is that? I have a million things that God has given me that I overlook and take advantage of everyday. The home we have, The one I complain about having country water and being to small. Two healthy children, The ones that I say are on my last nerve by the end of some days. The amazing husband God blessed me with who loves his family to an extent that only God can grant. A great career for my husband that allows me to stay home and raise our girls up the right way, but that is also his passion and he does what he loves to do.

We put a second offer on a house that would be perfect for our family. But we only want it if it's in God's plan for our family (we hope it is =) But we are willing to wait as hard as it would be. We have looked at countless houses looking for a place that screams The Anzar Home to us. So far this is the 3rd house we have loved and the 1st two didn't work out. But we are going all in on this one & giving it all we have. 
Needless to say I'm pretty sure I have been a bundle of stressed out nerves that have manifested as cranky, short, negative, poor me Ashley. Not the person I want to be & I apologize to anyone who was affected by it.

So, I'm changing things. It won't be overnight, But I'm taking things one day at a time. Today i am only thinking of today. And tomorrow only tomorrow. And I think that if I CHOOSE to look at the glass half full EVERYDAY and give God his credit not only will my life be more enjoyable but my families will be too.
So as I sit here stopping and starting typing endlessly tonight due to a baby who is working on another 3 teeth   I will choose to not be stressed or over tired but be thankful that I have this time with her, because this will be the last few days I will ever get to see her sweet little gummy smile outside of a picture. Soon her teeth will be in and the gummy smile will be gone. I will miss that more than anyone can imagine. I am thankful for every minute I get with my girls and my best friend, My Bear, My Barrett.

Thank You Lord for loving me enough to give me such a great life. You have blessed me with so much that I could never even count the blessings. Please Lord I pray happiness, health, and sound minds for my family & I Lord. Please don't let us forget how great we have it and the many blessings you have given us.
In Jesus name

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. 
Romans 8:28

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An all girls trip

So we did it. All my sisters, except Britt =(, And my mom all went to Disneyland Last week. It was magical, as dumb as that sounds. But it really was amazing. I only cried a few times, But seeing your daughters face light up is really priceless. Poor Kinslee was just getting over having her first nasty virus, pretty good for being almost 6 months old.
We had some CRAZY drama, and we got my mother-in-law on a bus home to deal with family issues gone bad just in time for my own mother to be asked to go fight in the bushes by some CRAZY mexican lady. Instead of telling her to back off and that the middle of Disneyland in front of a bunch of children is not the place to throw a fit over a chair, I should have told her that I would kindly watch her daughter while my mom kicked her butt. That would have been a bit more funny. Who does that anyway? Who goes to Disneyland, Parks their stroller in front of an empty table with 4 chairs leaves it for at least 20 min (the amount of time my mom was sitting there) and comes back and wants to fight my mom for sitting in "HER" chair? Ummm anyone who has been to DL knows there is designated stroller parking everywhere you go. Anyway I sure would have said a lot more in hind site. But it's probably good I didn't lol.
But regardless we had a wonderful time & other than not seeing my amazing husband for almost 2 weeks I didn't want to come home. It was full of funny one-liners from the wonderful Bailee