Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An all girls trip

So we did it. All my sisters, except Britt =(, And my mom all went to Disneyland Last week. It was magical, as dumb as that sounds. But it really was amazing. I only cried a few times, But seeing your daughters face light up is really priceless. Poor Kinslee was just getting over having her first nasty virus, pretty good for being almost 6 months old.
We had some CRAZY drama, and we got my mother-in-law on a bus home to deal with family issues gone bad just in time for my own mother to be asked to go fight in the bushes by some CRAZY mexican lady. Instead of telling her to back off and that the middle of Disneyland in front of a bunch of children is not the place to throw a fit over a chair, I should have told her that I would kindly watch her daughter while my mom kicked her butt. That would have been a bit more funny. Who does that anyway? Who goes to Disneyland, Parks their stroller in front of an empty table with 4 chairs leaves it for at least 20 min (the amount of time my mom was sitting there) and comes back and wants to fight my mom for sitting in "HER" chair? Ummm anyone who has been to DL knows there is designated stroller parking everywhere you go. Anyway I sure would have said a lot more in hind site. But it's probably good I didn't lol.
But regardless we had a wonderful time & other than not seeing my amazing husband for almost 2 weeks I didn't want to come home. It was full of funny one-liners from the wonderful Bailee

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